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Yoga Instruction with Darla Harper

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Yoga offers a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being, making it beneficial for everyone regardless of their skill level. Beginners can cultivate flexibility and strength while learning basic poses, while more experienced yogis’ deepen their practice, refine alignment and delve into advanced techniques. Beyond the physical benefits, yoga fosters mindfulness, stress reduction, and emotional balance, making it a valuable practice for overall health and vitality at any stage of life.

Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a perfect class for beginners as well as those yogis more seasoned. This is a slower paced class with less challenging poses. We focus on alignment, breathing and listening to our own body, as well as stretching, lengthening and strengthening. Props, such as blocks, straps or bolsters, are encouraged in this class.

Slow Flow
Slow Flow

Slow Flow is a faster pace class than Gentle. We learn to flow with the body and the breath in this invigorating class. We are stretching, lengthening and strengthening but, in more challenging asanas (poses).

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very slow paced yoga practice. It’s quite different from our other practices in that there is very little standing, if at all. We focus on connective tissue, ligaments and joints. Many props can be used in this class since most of the poses are held for 3-5 minutes. We use the breath to help us go where our body needs to go.

Answers from Darla

In-Person and Virtual Class Questions

What are the benefits of yoga?

There are so many amazing benefits of yoga. The physical benefits of yoga help you to become more flexible, stronger and balanced. Circulation is improved as well as heart health. The mental benefits are calmness and disengaging with the multitude of thoughts in your brain. There is more awareness of the body and improved connection with the mind and body. Yoga helps us to become more mindful and present in the moment and perhaps more open in our thinking. There is a focus on breathing that provides the body more oxygen and also a feeling of well being.

I’ve never practiced yoga. Where do I start?

If you are a new student to yoga, a good place to start is Gentle Hatha Yoga. This style of yoga takes you through basic asanas (poses) that are gentle on the body. After you learn the basics and are comfortable, you can branch out to Vinyasa, Slow Flow, or Power. There are many types of yoga including Yin Yoga and Restorative. You can begin your yoga journey at any age. Always check with your doctor first before you begin your practice. Practicing with a qualified yoga instructor is encouraged so they can assist in any adjustments or modifications you may need for your own body.

How many times a week should I practice yoga?

Any amount of yoga is better than no yoga at all. 2-3 times a week is a great start, but if you only have 10-20 minutes that’s ok too. Just like anything else that we practice, the more we do it the more comfortable and confident we will be with it.

What should I wear for yoga?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and stretch in.

Do I need any special equipment?

A yoga mat is the basic equipment you would want for yoga. I recommend 2 yoga blocks and a yoga strap for any modifications. A towel or blanket may be needed for additional cushion under the knees.

Can I eat before practicing yoga?

Yoga is best practiced on a fairly empty stomach. Try to allow 1 ½ to 2 hours after eating a full meal before you practice.

How do I take and pay for your classes on Zoom?

Please, use the Contact form below to contact me and I will send you a meeting ID to join. You are free to keep your camera off, however, I personally prefer that you leave it on in case an adjustment needs to be made. Payment is $10 and may be paid through Zelle, PayPal, check or cash.

Our Classes

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I will be out the month of July.  However, all classes have a substitute instructor except for Friday’s and Zoom.  No Friday or Zoom classes.  

Gem of the Hills - Blanco

2233 US Highway 281 North
Blanco, Texas 78606

Mon & Wed – 11am-12pm – Gentle Yoga
Fri – 10am-11am – Gentle Yoga
All classes open to Zoom

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Serasana - Dripping Springs

166 Hargraves Dr, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78737

Tues & Thurs – 8am-9am – Slow Flow
10:30am-11:30am – Gentle Yoga
11:45-12:45 – Yin Yoga

Zoom Classes not available

Zoom Classes

Classes in the privacy of your home  or take us with you wherever you go!

Mon & Wed – 11am-12pm – Gentle Yoga
Fri – 10am-11am – Gentle Yoga

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Meet Darla Harper

Meet Darla
“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.”*

I have been a yoga enthusiast since 1999 and began my teaching career in 2011. Hatha, Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga are my areas of expertise. I am trained in numerous areas and have completed my 500 hour yoga teacher training and have over 10,000 hours of classroom teaching experience. My passion for yoga has transformed my own life and I am equally as passionate about helping others in their journey to make real changes in their lives. Yoga is not a destination, it is a magical journey within your mind, body and soul. The beauty of yoga is that it will meet you exactly where you are in your life, no matter your age or physical abilities. The important thing to remember about yoga is that it is your practice, so we begin where you are in life. I have been fortunate over the past many years to work with thousands of students of all ages and physical abilities. Some cannot touch their toes, some cannot lift their arms over their head, but that is okay, that’s where we begin. So, whether you are a seasoned yogi or a new student, we can tailor just the right practice for you. I truly believe we are all in different places in our body, mind and soul, so that is the perfect place to begin. By practicing yoga, we can all find that space where we can connect our mental and physical abilities and become a happier, whole and peaceful being.

*Quote is by Judith Hanson Lasater


“Being in a yoga practice with Darla is like a relaxing evening with friends. She always creates an environment that is welcoming, nurturing, and fun while ensuring everyone gets what they need to leave feeling great.”

Sue B.

“Darla teaches each class graciously and thoughtfully. Her knowledge and care are always evident.”

Soll S.

“Darla is an incredible yoga teacher. She’s always aware of how each student is doing while giving support and encouragement. Her classes are always best-in-class!”

Gary B.

When Covid kept us apart Darla threw us a life preserver with Zoom classes and we figured out the next steps together. I’ve certainly “gained more wisdom” (as Darla kindly says about aging) in our time together and because of medical maladies and relocating I have depended on the Zoom format for convenience. My yoga practice has deepened and evolved through Darla’s teachings.

Linda C. (Zoom Class)

“You won’t find a more caring and thoughtful yogi to help you improve your practice than Darla. She truly cares about her students and does everything with a smile and encouraging word.”

Renee M.

“In Darla’s class, we’re reminded that gentle doesn’t mean easy!”

Gentle Class Student

“Darla is more than a yoga instructor, she is a friend to everyone in class. Any type of class or workshop you attend with Darla you will find she is prepared, knowledgeable & excited to be leading. Her classes are full of yogis of all levels moving according to their own body. I have known & attended Darla’s classes & workshops for 2 years, she is a blessing!”

Victoria G.

“Darla welcomes all with open arms.”

Bill D.

Darla is not a “one size fits all” instructor. She meets you where you are in your practice and assists you individually to modify poses as necessary. She gives confidence and a comfort level even with new or more difficult poses. It has been such an excellent experience practicing yoga with Darla.

Darla W. (Zoom Class)

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